Monday, February 18, 2013

"Maranatha" (rated R) and Colbert (videos from today's party)

After a discussion of "sentence enhancers" (via Spongebob)   a few weeks ago,
          and introducing the  Ephesians section on unwholesome talk  the airport meeting,
                          we followed up  this theme  today with the worship song below from
  Pádraig Ó Tuama.

 It's called "Maranatha," so it must be safe, right?
Download now
04_Maranatha.mp3 (4946 KB)
 it's from the album, "Hymns to Swear By"(of which one reviewer writes, "This is quite unlike any one single thing I have heard before. Perhaps a 21st Century Celtic take on Damien Rice meets Bob Geldof meets John Michael Talbot... deeply incarnational , In English and Gaelic, Hymns is at once a lament, a call to the deep, a protest and a critique).

Heavy clue: F bomb. 

BTW: Notice that in a blog post  (here) just two years ago, I commented that our church would probably not so bold as to play this on Sunday morning!(:

Maranatha from Peter Rollins on Vimeo.
For more videos like this download the Insurrection app here:
These videos were recorded and edited by Bala Boyd at Gypsy House Productions


Continuing on the theme of honesty, we wtached this interview w/Colbert
We also showed this bit

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