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Mike Furches in Fresno 9/22

Mike's book:

film based on Mike's life:

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    Mike, originally from Johnson City, Tennessee, got saved in his later teen years. While growing up in Tennessee he was involved in gangs, drugs, poverty, homelessness, the occult, and abuse. Part of Mike's story has been heard on National Radio, The Jack Elery Show, as well as National Television, Night Line. Mike also appears in the Carman Video from Carman's television series. The show called, "Times Two, Gangs The Mean Streets," was so successful that it is used to reach out to gangs all over the world.

    Mike has also been quoted in Time Magazine as well as numerous other television, radio and print media. Mike worked in Christian Music for 10 years primarily with the Rob Cassels Band, (AKA, Rob Castles), before deciding to be more involved with ministries, including speaking, working with the poor, the mentally ill and homeless. While working in music Mike worked in non -Christian venues and with top artists such as Steppenwolf, Marshall Tucker Band, Kansas, The Outlaws, The Tragically Hipp, Jackyl, Steve Morse, and others far too numerous to mention.

    In 1988 NCM Services directed by Mike was named North America's top new agency by Performance Magazine and was also named one of the top ten agencies in North America by Poll Star Magazine. While with the Rob Castles Band, Mike promoted and worked with 3 of the top 10 shows in North America in clubs under 800 and with the top grossing show in North America for theaters 2,500. That same year, Bonnie Rait was #2 and Blue Oyster Cult was #3. Mike is a 1985 graduate of Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas and a 1985 Outstanding Christian Student as named by Extraordinary Christian Students of America.

    Author of The Keystone Kid, Director of The Virtual Pew , Pastor of Mosaic Church Wichita see (FRIENDS OF MOSAIC), subject of award-winning film The Long Walk, member of the pioneering Jesus movement band The Rob Cassels Band and writer for @Holllywood Jesus

    Mike and Mary Jane will both be with us; they've been married now for over 22 years, sharing residences between Wichita, Kansas and Oolagah, Oklahoma.

    In 1988 Mike became employed with Gateway House in Greenville,South Carolina. Gateway House is a clubhouse program using the Fountain House Model of Rehabilitation for the Mentally Ill. After spending several years there, Mike became Director of Sixth Avenue West in Hendersonville, North Carolina. In January of 1995 Mike moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he became the Executive Director of Crossroads Clubhouse. For over 14 years God used these clubhouse experiences to help prepare him for ministry. He has worked with numerous individuals who have been homeless, in gangs, on drugs and in absolute poverty. Mike has helped many of these people go back to work, to school and to live independently. He has gained international recognition with mental health professionals as well as those suffering from this disease for his contributions at helping improve the lives of the mentally ill not only in Oklahoma, but throughout the United States and other parts of the world. Mike has also been involved in workshops and seminars which deal with evangelism. Workshops on "Becoming a Contagious Christian" and "Becoming a Contagious Church." These evangelistic concepts were developed by Willow Creek Community Church, in the Chicago area. Mike is now the Senior Pastor of an inner city, multi cultural and multi racial church in Wichita, Kansas. The church, United at the Cross Community Church is in the Southeast area of Wichita.

    Mary Jane, formerly of Erwin, Tennessee is a graduate of East Tennessee State University. She currently teaches school in a low income underprivileged area. She teaches special education. Mary Jane comes from a Christian family where she has been involved in church and ministry for most of her life. She has led Bible studies plus has performed and ministered in various churches and venues using folk music. She has a c.d./tape recording called, "Comin Round Again", which features Folk music, Christian Spirituals and Originals. The music on these 10 songs is reminiscent of the music played during the year of the original Woodstock. It was during Woodstock that Mary Jane worked at a Christian Coffee House in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire and had the opportunity to minister to many attending Woodstock. Mary Jane grew up in a strong Christian home where she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior at a young age. She grew up attending Ninth Street Baptist Church in Erwin, Tennessee.

4141 N Fresno StFresno, California 93726

Friday, August 23, 2013

Photos/Videos from 'A Night To Help Ken"

 A great night was had by all at the Open Hand Brethren: A Night to Help Ken Adams {Deut. 15:7}

Send me ( ) any photos and video links you have from the night, i will post them all here.

Thanks to Rhonda Thomas for having the vision; and to Adam Bernay for running with it...

It looks like we raised about $1,600  so far.  checks can still be sent to Third Day (4124 W. Fig Tree Lane; Fresno, Ca 93722, Memo: Ken Adams).  paypal= .  Account  will be active by 8/26.


John Michael:

Michael Pritzl (of The Violet Burning:

Leah Edden Pauls:

Mike Furches (The Virtual Pew):

Happy Lee Del Canto:



Keltic Ken is enjoying Gnimn's music, but is still in shock that she came to surprise him


Sunday, May 26, 2013

links from today: Romans 9-11

Romans 10:9-10 Chiasm:
A. If you confess
      B. With your mouth the Lord Jesus
             C. And believe
                          D. in your heart that God raised Him
E. you will be saved
                          D’. For with the heart
             C’. One believes unto righteousness
    B’. And with the mouth
A’. Confession is made.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

songs brought to today's gathering: what a collection!

Today, we followed Joseph Paul's lead, and everyone was invited to bring a worship song (or a song that helps you worship)that moved them; and then share what it meant to them. Inevitably, we had a variety, so we started with the infamous "Gaithers on Crack" video:
The very idea of a Gaither song cause Ken and Dave to dance: -- Ken Adams brought Maire (Moya) Brennan's "Perfect Time" Here's his interview with Moya Brennan.

  Doug Buettner brought "Yet I Will Praise You," a Vineyard song. Here's the video that didn't work for us:
 Kathy Pauls brought "Jesus Loves Me/O how He loves You and Me" by Evie:
 Joseph Pauls brought "In Christ Alone":
 Shy Stevens brought Flyleaf (secular mainstream band; all Christians)'s "Beautiful Bride".. Here's a lyrics video since they were hard to hear:
 Here's a concert version:

John Milor brought an instrumental song his friend recorded (not online) and "Sara" by Fleetwood Mac. Lyrics video:

 Scott Jones brought (in proxy) Charles Mingus' "Folk Forms #1" with the comment that the song reminded him of our gatherings." (video slightly different version than Scott brought.

 We were going to Skype in Happy Lee from Chile, but her schedule changed and it didn;t work out ..but she sent in this song:

This is a band comprised of believers who've lived in India. Some of the lyrics are in Sanskrit, the rest in English:
Pani dya pani trishita mi
Water, give me water, I am thirsty
To the hills you did not take me
Or wash me in the river
You did not set my feet on holy paths
You did not cover my pain with gold
Or drown it out with sound
You did not ask me to walk alone
Holy river after river
You ease my suffering mindYou ease my suffering mind
Water pours into these wastelands
Your streams in a desert dry
Pani dya pani trishita mi
Water, give me water, I am thirsty
Nako kuvyaché nako nadeeché
Aanil zari koni
trishita mi
Dya aisé ki trisha na lagé
Peeta zé phiruni
trishita mi
Pani dya pani trishita mi
English translation of the Marathi lyrics:
Not from the Well
Not from the river will it be brought to me
I long for the water that will never make me thirst again
Water, give me water, I am thirsty
You are sunlight
Rain crashing on tin
You are the love of a mother
Lips on baby skin, on baby skin
Holy river after river
You ease my suffering mind
You ease my suffering mind
Water pours into these wastelands
Your streams in a desert dry
Holy river after river
You ease my suffering mind
Dza dza hoiyala Prabhu Yeshu chya
Trupti tujhi charani
Akshay jeewan kashtavinodana
Prabhu vina nacha bhuvani
Go, go, surrender to the Lord Yeshu
Your thirst will be quenched at his feet
Eternal life, where there is no hardship, awaits you
Without the Lord, nothing truly exists on earth

Dina Bailey came late as her parents are in town to celebrate her Masters graduation. Her parents also came. They weren't prepared with songs but KKen interviewed them after the gathering and got these answers:

Revelation of  Romance-Tracy Dawn:

KKen also posted this on his facebook:

Regarding my post below about "spiritual songs": what song(s) speak to you and draw you closer to your place of worship?
This is an open question...all are welcome to respond, no matter your faith tradition or lack of one...if need be, substitute "awe & wonder" for "worship"!
So, whatcha got? 
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