Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tarzan Tom's tattoo evangelized a Peruvian brothel

  • When Tarzan Tom got this tattoo, he probably knew it would

wind up being an attention getter.
It's "all Greek" to some folks, but prize goes to the first person to translate it.

Even though he was told his tatts and earring might be a stumbling block in Peru, he found people fascinated with them all...and was able to preach many impromptu sermons when people noticed them on the street, in a church service, in the sex shops and brothel.  (Uh, if you think I'm kidding, I was there..and video evidence here.)

  • If you're worried about the "biblical injunction" against tattoos, see:

                 kicking butts, hair in a bun, tattoos

  • For another story about Tom, click:


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