Sunday, May 26, 2013

links from today: Romans 9-11

Romans 10:9-10 Chiasm:
A. If you confess
      B. With your mouth the Lord Jesus
             C. And believe
                          D. in your heart that God raised Him
E. you will be saved
                          D’. For with the heart
             C’. One believes unto righteousness
    B’. And with the mouth
A’. Confession is made.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

songs brought to today's gathering: what a collection!

Today, we followed Joseph Paul's lead, and everyone was invited to bring a worship song (or a song that helps you worship)that moved them; and then share what it meant to them. Inevitably, we had a variety, so we started with the infamous "Gaithers on Crack" video:
The very idea of a Gaither song cause Ken and Dave to dance: -- Ken Adams brought Maire (Moya) Brennan's "Perfect Time" Here's his interview with Moya Brennan.

  Doug Buettner brought "Yet I Will Praise You," a Vineyard song. Here's the video that didn't work for us:
 Kathy Pauls brought "Jesus Loves Me/O how He loves You and Me" by Evie:
 Joseph Pauls brought "In Christ Alone":
 Shy Stevens brought Flyleaf (secular mainstream band; all Christians)'s "Beautiful Bride".. Here's a lyrics video since they were hard to hear:
 Here's a concert version:

John Milor brought an instrumental song his friend recorded (not online) and "Sara" by Fleetwood Mac. Lyrics video:

 Scott Jones brought (in proxy) Charles Mingus' "Folk Forms #1" with the comment that the song reminded him of our gatherings." (video slightly different version than Scott brought.

 We were going to Skype in Happy Lee from Chile, but her schedule changed and it didn;t work out ..but she sent in this song:

This is a band comprised of believers who've lived in India. Some of the lyrics are in Sanskrit, the rest in English:
Pani dya pani trishita mi
Water, give me water, I am thirsty
To the hills you did not take me
Or wash me in the river
You did not set my feet on holy paths
You did not cover my pain with gold
Or drown it out with sound
You did not ask me to walk alone
Holy river after river
You ease my suffering mindYou ease my suffering mind
Water pours into these wastelands
Your streams in a desert dry
Pani dya pani trishita mi
Water, give me water, I am thirsty
Nako kuvyaché nako nadeeché
Aanil zari koni
trishita mi
Dya aisé ki trisha na lagé
Peeta zé phiruni
trishita mi
Pani dya pani trishita mi
English translation of the Marathi lyrics:
Not from the Well
Not from the river will it be brought to me
I long for the water that will never make me thirst again
Water, give me water, I am thirsty
You are sunlight
Rain crashing on tin
You are the love of a mother
Lips on baby skin, on baby skin
Holy river after river
You ease my suffering mind
You ease my suffering mind
Water pours into these wastelands
Your streams in a desert dry
Holy river after river
You ease my suffering mind
Dza dza hoiyala Prabhu Yeshu chya
Trupti tujhi charani
Akshay jeewan kashtavinodana
Prabhu vina nacha bhuvani
Go, go, surrender to the Lord Yeshu
Your thirst will be quenched at his feet
Eternal life, where there is no hardship, awaits you
Without the Lord, nothing truly exists on earth

Dina Bailey came late as her parents are in town to celebrate her Masters graduation. Her parents also came. They weren't prepared with songs but KKen interviewed them after the gathering and got these answers:

Revelation of  Romance-Tracy Dawn:

KKen also posted this on his facebook:

Regarding my post below about "spiritual songs": what song(s) speak to you and draw you closer to your place of worship?
This is an open question...all are welcome to respond, no matter your faith tradition or lack of one...if need be, substitute "awe & wonder" for "worship"!
So, whatcha got? 
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