Sunday, March 25, 2012

pastor admits he is God's asshole, and Christian publisher doesn't censor it

Definitely read pages 84-88 right now in the sample below; and  give kudos to Zondervan for publishing  this amazing book...uncensored..

But just asking:  Why is it in the cut-out rack at the local Christian store, and also at Dollar Tree for...well, you know the price.   (:

Buy a few copies, full price.  Support Cathleen Falsani!

"Sin Boldly, A Field Guide for Grace"  by Cathleen Falsani:

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

"a cross between Jesse Duplantis and Larry the Cable Guy."

Dallas Elder called this message awesome, and the messenger's style "a cross between Jess Duplantis and Larry the Cable Guy."

Her is Billy Gazaway (pastor, Resurrection Life Church, St. Joseph, MO) 's rockin' Thursday morning devotional message at the  recent Grace Covenant conference in Kansas City..pick it up about the 36 minute mark:
Watch live streaming video from gracecovenant at

"Insanity of God" Showing for third day fresno!

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