Thursday, August 04, 2011

GC Midyear Ministry Conference/Family Reunion

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Dear GC Friends,

God's rich blessings to all of you. As you know we have our GC Midyear Ministry Conference upcoming in  August 17-19 and it will be held at Living Hope Christian Fellowship in Oakdale, CA. We are looking forward to refreshing times in the Presence of the Lord and encouragement in our fellowship together. This is an important time to connect with others in the GC family. Please encourage the people of your church to join with us. Investing in time together strengthens us individually and enables greater Kingdom impact for our ministries. While it is a short few days of conference, we believe the work of God in our lives will be deep.

Attached is the initial schedule of the event. As we get closer, we will give topics for the equipping times. There are exciting things happening in our GC Family and you are part of it. Come and share this tine with us. We truly hope to see you. Please be praying with me into the conference for God to move upon our hearts and for all of us to receive His Goodness, to go after His Best, for His Glory.

With you for Him,
Dallas Elder

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