Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thank you isn't enough....

You can only say, "Thank you" in so many ways. I tried to look up how many ways to say thank you and well I got overwhelmed at the many language translations. I was so overwhelmed I did not even post all the language translations. I decided to stick with english, which says, "Thank you". :)

I have the opportunity to be apart of a church family for sometime now. I don't really care much for counting the days, months or years that I have been apart of this family. In some ways it's really not that important to me to "count the days", as opposed to developing relationship by investing in each other and seeing God move in our lives.

This church family has walked me through my twenties and let's just say, I don't think it was easy. I came out of experiences of brokenness, bondage and abandonment in my past. I had heard about living in freedom from my past and declaring victory in the end, but I had no taste of that. The desire to be free of my dysfunctional past was what I wanted to attain in my life. I knew that God had a plan and purpose for my life, but in order to know what that was or to even experience it, I needed to be free.

This family saw that desire on my heart and began to stand beside me, pray with me and walk me through the struggles of life. God used this very loving family to help understand what it takes to live a life of freedom, once I was healed from all the things in my past that plagued me. To live in freedom is to understand that the dysfunctions of the past do not define you. It's the fact that God sees you has His sons and daughters and loves you as His beloved ones. When God sees that you hurt from your past, God hurts too. God wants you to walk in wholeness with him. So, that the struggles of your past will no longer stop you from a future relationship with Him.

I feel very fortunate to have people in my life that God has used to bless me. Third Day Fresno, has been my church family and for that I am incredibly thankful. There are a few more, who may not be involved with Third Day, but have had an impact on my life the last couple years. So, to all of you, I want to reiterate what I said at the beginning of this blog and that is, "Thank you".


  1. St. Ivana: How amazing you are. That so made my day. You are so incredibly loved by Jesus and us!


  2. Kevin5:15 PM

    I love the note Ivana. You are an amazing princess daughter of the King. Blessings!!!

  3. Yes. I was just thinking today that part of humility is acknowledging both God's grace and gifts, and also the others in our lives, without which we couldn't make it. Third Day Fresno (along with extended family of 3D friends) is certainly a sweet vessel for God to pour out his love on us. We thank God together that our family is a healing place!


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