Thursday, May 13, 2010

Palestinian Christians, Bullet Holes, & Veggie Tales: Bishara Awad video

Here I am (below) in Jerusalem with one of my heroes,
Alex Awad,
pastor of E. Jerusalem Baptist Church,and dean of Bethlehem Bible College.

BBC trains Palestinian Christians.
Amazingly, I have been basically Americans..even while at the school, surrounded by what God is doing there!...that "Palestinian Christian' is an oxymoron.


Even though it was only a few miles taxi trip for him to come see me,
Alex never knows how long he will have to wait at the checkpoint between Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

He is that
paradox: a Palestinian Christian.

I aim to get my video from Bethlehem Bible College uploaded soon.
Until then, here is a link to someone else's video tour of the college,
and here are my other posts on the college.
BBC is:

  • that marvelous place that is routinely ignored on tours of Israel;
  • that Christian school with bullet holes in the sign,
  • that amazing place that houses the only public library in Bethlehem (it is worth it all to see the local kids watching "Veggie Tales" in Arabic there!)

today's catch:
Below is an important "100 Huntley Street" (a Canadian Christian, those two words are not an oxymoron either! interview with Bethlehem Bible College founder/ president, Bishara Awad (Alex's brother, who blew us away when he spoke at the church I pastored in Delano when a dozen of his Palestinian cousins who lived in the area showed up) on issues related to being Arab/Palestinian Christians:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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