Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not one, but two parties to mock the devil..

Hey gang..tis the season for come on and join them, and bring some friends and enemies:

March 28: This is the Sunday usually known as Palm we will put a twist on it. Since it's the fifth week of our series on spiritual warfare..we will address that theme, AND play a joke on the devil by having a cool lunch and having holy fun at it! We will be bringing in salad and pizza. If you want to bring your own drinks, or a dessert to share, bring it on (but not required).

If you want to really play a joke on the devil, bring a non-Christian friend. When they find out they actually like our church, they'll say "Well, I'll be damned." Watch this clip here to practice your "Well, you don't have to be" (:

April 4: This is the Sunday formerly known as since it's resurrection day, best excuse ever to party! We have, amazingly, for the third year in a row on Resurrection Day, our own missionaries, Ken and Cathie Metz. They are coming all the way from Peru just to be with us, so make sure you show up (:

(OK, ok, they are in the states for a few months..but the real reason is to see YOU!)

You know, when you hear there are missionaries at church, most folks skip as they think it will be boring.

Let me tell you, the Metzes are never boring..I have lived with them and Peru. And Ken has promised to
do the "Pants on the Ground" dance for us,
singing it in Spanish!!

More info, and radical movies of the Metzes here:

and here

By the way, making fun of the devil in an ancient church tradition on easter, so appropriately, this is the last week in our series on spiritual warfare. See you then, and give the devil a hell of a time.
More on that tradition here.

Info, map
etc Sunday 10:1o am @539 W Celeste


  1. Really? People would skip Sundays when missionaries would share? That's the craziest thing I've heard! Missionaries have THE most interesting stories of all!

    May our gracious God bless your parties!

  2. yep, it's usually missionary day,or guest speaker day..sometimes even worse attendance drop is communion sundays


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