Friday, January 08, 2010

Adopt a Fresno

Don't miss the free film screening, the Fresno premiere of "Adopt a Jesus," including conversation with its maker/ producer, Brandt Russo.
Free! Hosted at Fresno Pacific University
Fri Jan 17, 7pm, Ashley Auditorium

Here's an audio interview about the film (and the story behind it) with Brandt Russo himself that our man Ken Adams himself just did:

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The film?:
"For 14 days, we travelled in a bus that ran on used cooking oil. We picked up hitchikers and listened to the stories of the homeless, and those who devote their time to caring about them. We survived on the street skills that Brandt Russo acquired from the time he spent on the streets of Houston and hitchhiking throughout the US...
This is our story "

DVDs will be for sale at the event for $15..
Faceboook page for this event

Watch the trailer here( "I just spoke with the associate pastor, and y'all will have to move on"):

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  1. I've always wondered what it would be like to take a journey and document and share with the masses. Looking forward to seeing this one.
    Thanks for the "heads up!"


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