Sunday, January 06, 2019

Enneagram resources

 The basic ideas here

The first survey we took together is here (2/4-5/9)
The online one (by the pastor)  i sent out is here  (5)
We'll do this one 1/6 (may be the most helpful.  (2, 5, 9)

For tiebreaking, discernment



  • 3)"Things I'll never do" on Enneagram Made Easy
  • 4)To distinguish between two close types, see Esssential Enneagram list


Wings: one or two?

  • arrows toward  sedcirity (integration): where we shift under stress OR when mobilizing for action
  • arrows toward stress (disintegration) where we shift when relaxed/secure stress OR when overwhelmed/exhausted


Seven deadly sins:

Rohr videos  click here, and one below


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