Saturday, September 23, 2023

Third Day: new meeting place, and special event: The Derauds: Art, Soul, and Listening to God


We are thankful to our dear friends at New Creation Ministries for hostimng our meetings this fall,

To celebrate:

You won't want to miss Mark and Wendy DeRaud sharing and showing art this Sunday 10:10 AM at Third Day Fresno.
Mark and Wendy are local artists with deep connections with how God is moving in the church, the world, in science, in culture.....and in the arts, AND IN YOU! . This couple is fine-tuned at prophetically encouraging believers who are looking for more. They founded Art n Soul, a meeting of God-haunted artists and other creative listeners; and they run DeRaud Art Studio for young people
Check out some of their powerful art online at
There will be special dedicated time of praying over people with artistic calling of any type: music, writing etc.
This meeting is at Third Day Fresno, meeting at New Creation Ministries building, 5150 N. Sixth , #132 (pictured), 10:10 AM, Sept 24.
ps: if you get there, and gate is closed, simply text or call 974-2508 

Thursday, February 25, 2021


 Hello saints and sinners! Praying all is well as possible during this crazy covid season. Our website is down, so we will be using this page

as well as,. and Twitter @thirddayfresno to shout out.
Zoom with us Sundays, 10:10 AM. We are very interactional, an would love to hear from you. Use 559.974.2508 as Meeting ID#.
We love you, Jesus and loves you...and you can't do anything about it

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Enneagram resources

 The basic ideas here

The first survey we took together is here (2/4-5/9)
The online one (by the pastor)  i sent out is here  (5)
We'll do this one 1/6 (may be the most helpful.  (2, 5, 9)

For tiebreaking, discernment



  • 3)"Things I'll never do" on Enneagram Made Easy
  • 4)To distinguish between two close types, see Esssential Enneagram list


Wings: one or two?

  • arrows toward  sedcirity (integration): where we shift under stress OR when mobilizing for action
  • arrows toward stress (disintegration) where we shift when relaxed/secure stress OR when overwhelmed/exhausted


Seven deadly sins:

Rohr videos  click here, and one below


Thursday, June 01, 2017

"Insanity of God" Showing for third day fresno!

Special Showing of The "Insanity of God" Day , June 4 for third day fresno.

Special Day, Special Place!

Invite a special friend and enemy.

To celebrate our showing of the "The Insanity of God," film, we'll meet at the Wainscott home this Sunday (only),  The 90 minute film starts at 10:10 am, 4124 W. Fig Tree Lane (near Bullard and Figarden Dr.).  Map here. (Clue: it's the same number as John Milor's IQ and bowling score)  (:
You'll need the gate code if the gate isn't open.  It'll be sent on Facebook message.

Click here to see the  "Insanity of God" website.

The Insanity of God is the true story of missionaries Nik and Ruth Ripken. After the death of their son, this ordinary couple journeys into the depths of the persecuted church, asking the question- IS JESUS WORTH IT?
How does faith survive, let alone flourish in the places of the world that are over­ come with the darkness of sin, despair and hopelessness? Join the Ripkens as they tell the story of being taught by believers in persecution"how to follow Jesus, how to love Jesus, and how to walk with Him day by day even when it doesn't make sense."
The film is based on the best-selling book Insanity of God (BH Publishing) and is released in association with the International Mission Board (IMB).


"A powerful film that shows what God can do when someone fully surrenders to His purpose for their lives. I highly recommend everyone to watch this film."
— Dr. Mark Croston
National Director of Black Church Partnerships, LifeWay
"This film is a jarring reminder that our faith does not require comfort, luxury, or fame. All of our Christian hit songs, best-selling books, and box office smashes are nothing compared to the faith that persecuted believers endure in many places around the world. If western Christians understood what this film presents, then our country would be a different place."
— Alex Kendrick
Director War Room, Courageous, Fireproof
"Darkness and Light. Persecution and Peace. As I watched this compelling film, I was reminded anew that only Jesus can be my light and my peace. As a believer, I can’t be quiet; I must act on my hope in spite of the fear. Jesus is worth it. The question is - will I? I pray that as Christians watch The Insanity of God their lives will be changed forever, and that as the Body of Christ, we will be faithful in making Him known – even in the hardest places."
— Sam Thomas
Mission Mobilizer, Africa Inland Mission
“An incredible collection of stories from men and women who chose to serve Jesus in extremely difficult situations. The Holy Spirit will use this film to stretch your spiritual capacity and desire to serve Jesus more sacrificially. In the face of severe persecution, the perfect love of Jesus Christ drove out fear. Through obedience, these Christ followers saw the Church thrive in the midst of suffering. May we each bear a heart willing to suffer, and learn firsthand that Jesus is worth it!.”
— Larry D. Andrews
President & CEO, Partners International
"There is a long heritage of stories of missionaries and martyrs. This film reminds us of the realities of Christians following Jesus and losing their lives in the process. When we engage these real life stories, we are provoked to action in love and good deeds. Don't miss The Insanity of God!"
— Dr. Ed Stetzer
Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, Wheaton College
"If you’ve ever wondered if faith in Jesus is worth it, you must watch the The Insanity of God. The resounding, “Yes!” is as undeniable as is the challenge to the notion of a convenient faith in God. We are surrounded by a modern day cloud of witnesses whose faith in God point us to the resurrected Jesus Christ."
— Jeff Denlinger
President, WorldVenture
"He is worthy and the inspiration of the persecuted church will display His truth in resurrected life. The Insanity of God will move His church to deeper depths of pushing back darkness. Can't wait!"
— Johnny Hunt
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Woodstock
"This not only a true story, but a story that is still being written. The persecution of Christians around the world is at an all-time high with no signs of it is slowing down anytime soon. We must be aware; we must prayer; and we must act. The outcome of this story depends on our involvement!"
— Randy Frazee
Author of The Heart of the Story and Senior Minister of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas

Sunday, May 10, 2015

moonwalking birds, alcoholic monkeys, fish with two..uh...Anyway, we started a 56-year series on Isaiah

I love our tribe.
Today's  open source  ( or is it "open sores"?..see this) conversation on the practical spiritual application of some of these "world's weirdest" animals was great:

Here's the whole series of "World's Wierdest"..270 weird animals!
We also started a 56-year series on which everyone contributed.
Spy Scott gave some historical help, as you can see..

Here are  a couple links on the puns and wordplays in Isaiah that were mentioned:

Click this for Isaiah 42 wordplay (on board).


Isaiah 5:7 and Puns in Hebrew

Since I’m presently working on Isaiah for the series it’s only natural that I’d wind up in Chapter 5 with it’s stunningly beautiful pun

לְמִשְׁפָּט֙ וְהִנֵּ֣ה מִשְׂפָּ֔ח לִצְדָקָ֖ה וְהִנֵּ֥ה צְעָקָֽה׃

God looked for justice (mishpat) but only saw oppression (mispach). God looked for righteousness (tzedakah) and instead he heard an outcry of pain (tz’acha).
This pun is virtually impossible to render in English. link

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ken Adams Homegoing Service

Slideshow of Keltic Ken's  life, shown at his homegoing:

Mary Kathryn's song "Tehillah" from the slideshow:
Here's Ken interviewing Mary Kathryn about the song.
Also there, hear his interview with Moya Brennan.
Click here.

Obituary: Kenneth Neal Adams --"Keltic Ken" --passed away peacefully in Fresno, CA on March 22, 2015, at the age of 63, after a long, courageous battle with cancer.  Ken was born on January 28, 1952, in Harrisville, MI, to Hollie and Mary Adams .

Ken had a great love for Australia and treasured the time he spent there as a youth. He had planned to get dual citizenship as his mother was born in Sydney, Australia. He was looking forward to returning to his old stomping grounds in the future.

His passion for Celtic Christian music fostered a love for Ireland and a desire to visit one day.

Ken loved to travel and hitchhiked across the country twice,which yielded many entertaining stories,which he enjoyed relaying enthusiastically.

Ken had a heart for people and enjoyed donating his time and energy to many ministries and causes, to further proclaim the name of Jesus.

With his gregarious personality, he made friends everywhere he went.

Ken had a 30 year long career in radio broadcasting. He was instrumental in getting KDUV FM, in Visalia, CA, on the air in 1991. He also was the Station Manager at KRDU AM, in Dinuba, CA,from 1995 to 2012 .KRDU was the first commercial Christian radio station in the nation. For many years, Ken was the voice of the Fresno Rescue Mission, Evangel Home and Feed My Sheep Ministries weekly broadcasts. He shared his love for Celtic Christian music through his online radio station, Celtic Christian Spirit,from 2000 to 2014,which is now being managed by his daughter.

He is preceded in death by his parents. Ken is survived by his

wife Cathy; and daughter Christina.

A memorial service will be held at the G.L.Johnson Chapel at Peoples Church in Fresno, CA, on Saturday, April 18, 2015,at 2:00 p.m.; a  reception will follow.  Remembrances may be sent to Ken's church, Third Day Fresno, 4124 W. Fig Tree Lane, Fresno, CA 93722, to help the family with expenses.

-- The Heat is On:


It was amazing to hear Ken's voice at the service!
Ken's testimony and invitation:click here, go to bottom of page, and play "What f God Were One of Us?' from 25:43 min mark to end  (35:28)  Other sermons from Ken there, too.

Video from Happy in Peru

Ken's internet radio,

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Invisible Gorillas and Unbroken Zamperinis

Great time today!
I love our tribe.  One never knows what's going to happen.
For example, prayer time for Cher.

 Here are the videos we showed:

1)videos related to the "Invisible Gorilla" test for "selective attention"
2)The Billy Graham film on   Louis Zamperini-- picks up where the film "Unbroken" leaves off

1)videos related to the "Invisible Gorilla" test for "selective attention"
Here's what we did, and I recommend doing it this way.
Show the first video starting at 4 second mark, telling the group that no one should say anything, or make any noise, while watching; just concentrate hard on following the instructions:

 You can see why calling it the "Invisible Gorilla" test might jinx things(:

Here is the backstory:
More? Click:
Here's a great spoof version:

Several more videos, including TED Talks on this topic on Dave's blog here
Of course people have made endless variations:

2)The  Louis Zamperini story.  Watch it here, 

Third Day: new meeting place, and special event: The Derauds: Art, Soul, and Listening to God

  We are thankful to our dear friends at New Creation Ministries for hostimng our meetings this fall, To celebrate: You won't want to mi...